Texas abortion law debate

I wrote this in reply to a thread on Facebook regarding the Texas abortion law debate:

“Why are men making the decisions for women?”

I suspect without gender roles and a single dominant culture, we will see society fragment, crumble, and collapse. The west cannot be maintained without shared values. I already see the balkanization of my home city of Vancouver, Canada happening as people only really share the lowest common denominators of liquor, drugs, sex, money, and status.

The abortion and gay marriage debates, to me, signal a desire for shared ideals. When a society collectively throws away all traditions, it creates a situation where people are all each their own little islands. Everyone is atomized.

In a society without shared values, domination becomes standard. Isn’t domination a huge theme of society these days in all walks of life? Sports are less sportsmanlike, if you watched the NHL finals it was pretty brutal. 50 Shades of grey had a girl sign a possession contract. Drugs are heavily promoted as cool, I’ve been a heavy user of liquor and drugs for the last decade just to fit in among my peers! The NSA and TSA airport scanners probably made everyone feel weird when traveling. Pornography is ALL ABOUT domination, I sell it online for a living and the best sellers are always feature the most violent and degrading acts.

Traditions built up walls designed to maintain society, and when you pull those walls down, what will be the consequences? I don’t think we know yet, and I will admit I’m not an expert on history. When Rome fell, the people were all about bread and circuses, the barbarians simply kicked in the gates that rotted from within.

Hey, I could be wrong, maybe complete freedom to live any lifestyle possible without any sort of social standards will end up bringing us all more happiness? I believe I remember before the internet, people seemed friendlier, happier, and generally more content with what they had.

If our modern lives are so much better than the 1950s, why are almost 1 in 4 women these days are on anti-depressants?


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