Trayvon and the Jezebel bitch crew

The website has got to be the most knee-jerk, reactionary, and misleading site online, besides Reddit.

As I predicted, every white woman there claims she’s upset and angry at the verdict, and furthermore, the case of the black woman who fired “warning shots” at her husband was brought up. She got 20 years.

But wait, there’s more!


Read the case:

The victim, the man, found texts between the woman and her ex-husband which lead him to believe his newborn child wasn’t his. After confronting her about it, she went to her car, got a gun, came back into the house, and shot at him. He managed to get away and call the police, which resulted in her arrest.

Then, when the cops questioned him about it, he lied to protect her. After giving his deposition to the police, the woman THEN drove to the male victim’s house and assaulted him. Again she was arrested and this time her bond revoked.

It’s so easy to just say “Zimmerman shot and killed an innocent black teen with skittles, and a black woman who shot warning shots at a man got 20 years!”

That’s the internet’s way of summing up the cases, but if you actually take the time to look a little deeper instead of parroting the narrative, the facts become clear.


Fuck Jezebel and all the crazy, man-haters on that site.


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