Understanding one’s own art

Perhaps the most difficult thing I have found as a wannabe artist is to understand my own message. I often waffle back and forth between the ideas of “do anything” and respecting traditional boundaries.

Lately I’ve found myself in a position where I’m ready to eschew those boundaries for the sake of art. Along with writing my next novel, there is a side project that I’ve began changing my studio to accomodate, look for it on the horizon around February or March, depending on how long it takes to get all the equipment I need and set it up.


Posted my worst art

Posted my worst art

I don’t really like these pieces, but I get a lot of compliments on them.



If I were to re-make the American flag painting, I would try and get the end caps from .50 cal shells to glue them to the canvas as stars. Also, instead of painting the edge of the flag black, I would burn or bake the edges somehow.

A remake of the dollar sign, I’d like to take a piece of green carpet, like green shag carpet, wrap it as the canvas, and shave a dollar sign into it.