Selling porn VS selling books

I’ll let the following images speak for themselves:

First the porn:



Now the book:


Selling porn takes maybe a couple hours per day to make an easy 8k+ a month

It took me 1.5 years and cost me $2500 to write the novel and produce the trailer for the book, which you can watch at

Sometimes I wonder why the fuck I write books, but then I read things like:


…then I realize I want to get out of the human meat grinder business!


Posted my worst art

Posted my worst art

I don’t really like these pieces, but I get a lot of compliments on them.



If I were to re-make the American flag painting, I would try and get the end caps from .50 cal shells to glue them to the canvas as stars. Also, instead of painting the edge of the flag black, I would burn or bake the edges somehow.

A remake of the dollar sign, I’d like to take a piece of green carpet, like green shag carpet, wrap it as the canvas, and shave a dollar sign into it.