Old lady made me cry on Facebook




Raw glimpses of real humanity keep Facebook fresh for me, making the odd connection that brings a level of understanding of my own life, on how I affect others


Art VS Cash Money

So while working on selling my novel, and writng my next, I sell porn to survive.

I made $3,000 dollars in 3 days the other day off of a simple video of a wide-hipped woman shaking her butt. This work took me all of about a half an hour.

I’ve made $1,000 off of selling my novel that was published in February. It took a year and a half to write.


Pornography makes so much more money than art, but it has absolutely no reward. I use the bodies of whores to tease men into signing up to websites so that I may profit.

Writing rewards the soul, and for all of the life I put into writing and delivering a realistic view on modern day sex, dating, and love, I made a tiny amount of cash as a result. In fact, when you factor in the costs for the trailer and cover, I’m still under water on the book!


I prefer to make art, but damn, ass pays the bills!

Saying goodbye to my 5D MK2

I loved this camera.

If only the lens could talk…

Well, maybe I could go through some of my pics quick and post a few of my favorites over the year or so I owned it. I smoked a big bong rip and I’m really anxious because life is going too well and I almost expect something really bad to happen, like dick cancer. Sometimes my right tricep twitches randomly and I think I’m getting what Michael J. Fox has, Parkinson’s disease.

Seriously, I can’t be the only one who gets so much energy and creativity from marijuana, but it also gives me anxiety and does NOT relax me at all. Angst runs my furnace, happiness makes me lazy!

Life ain’t easy, but it shouldn’t be

I turned 35 recently, the rushing sense of impending wisdom riles the skin at the back of my neck. What will my excuse be when I know better?

I can’t ask Jack to drive all of the way, sobriety is actually enjoyable most of the time. One thing I have learnt in the last couple years is the risk of being soft. We as humans need to be tested, without the stressors, responsibilities, and connections to others and ourselves, we become lazy and adapt to our desires, rather than adapting our desires to serve the goals of our lives.

I hope this blog serves as a way to inspire others to change their wants to influence their lives in a future-orientated manner.

Now it is time to lounge around.